Our Team
Rachna: Production

Rachna :- Founder of Magnificence Events. Rachna has started this venture over 6 years back incorporating her passion and creativity into a business and there has been no looking back. Shes creative and being a socially recognized person she used this skill to grow this business and always believes to deliver the best quality in everything she does. Rachna has undoubtedly made it to the top.

Suman: Creative Director

Suman :- The Creative Director of Magnificence Events. Suman has always had a strong academic background through her school and university years of her language, writing and communicative skills. Thus having a passion for her writing and creativity she excels in being the person to add the element of creativity and fun to the the wedding. Her passion to explore and networking with companies and people has made her the optimum person to help you with all purchases of goods and items required during he course of the planning.

Seema: F&B and Ritual Operations

Seema :- The Food and Beverage director of Magnificence Events. She is the oldest in the team and her many years of experience in her own business has made her excel in her management skills. She has a passion for food and strong in her affirmations thus making her the perfect person to deal with chefs and handle it. Being an all rounder she is well aware of all rituals and thus manages the required ceremonies very efficiently.